CPC Exam Quizlet: 5 Quizzes to Help You Prep for the CPC

Started your certificate program? Wondering how to practice all those anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology key words and phrases? Look no further than Quizlet!

CPC Exam Quizlet: Quizlet is one of the best ways to practice your medical billing and coding terms and learn new ones.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is an online flashcard app that anyone can contribute to by creating a set of questions and an answer key. In the Quizlet app, you can "quiz" yourself by going through the cards and checking your answer.

The app even remembers questions you missed, and remembers them for extra practice later!

Why is Quizlet great for medical billing and coding?

Medical billers and medical coders have tons of medical terminology that we need to know in order to do our jobs. What is an abdominal aortic aneurysm? Sickle cell anemia? Supraventricular tachycardia? COPD? GERD? AODM?

When studying the 17 topics you'll see on the CPC exam (from surgical coding to HCPCS codes to radiology, pathology, anesthesia, anatomy and more), you'll come across a huge number of terms that you'll have to be able to look up quickly and cross-reference to find the correct coding. Quizlet's easy-to-use quizzes can help you learn these definitions quickly, so you can become a more effective and efficient coder.

Top 5 Quizlet quizzes for the CPC Exam

Finished studying your course material and ready to review? Here are our top 5 Quizlet quizzes to help you review that CPC material and commit it to memory:

1. CPC Exam Prep Quiz: Covers anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, eye & ocular surgery coding, practice management, and more

This is a great all-around quiz that tests a little bit of everything across the CPC, from ocular surgery to respiratory anatomy to HIPAA compliance and ABNs (Advance Beneficiary Notifications).

We recommend using this flashcard set to give yourself a good review of all the material you might see on the CPC.

2. AAPC CPC Practice Cards: excellent formatting, with explanations

3. CPC Practice Exam Quizlet - 150 Questions: medical terminology and lots and lots of coding guidelines

This one is great because it's heavy on the coding. There are 50+ questions just diagnosing codes based on evidence. For bonus points, do the coding cards back-to-front and really get your brain moving.

4. CPC Exam Flash Cards: Alphabetized, heavy on Practice Management, Medical Terminology, and E/M

This one is heavy on the terminology, and that's a good thing. Use it to dive deep into all the healthcare industry terminology and 3-letter acronyms you're going to use to do your job every day, or as a refresher once you've already got the gist.

After this set, you'll look and sound like a professional coder.

5. AAPC CPC Practice Questions Quizlet: ALL the case studies practice you could want.

We saved the best for last. Besides having a totally unbelievable number of case study coding practice questions (the best type of question, and new on the CPC exam 2022), this Quizlet contains 100+ real mock-test examples of questions you will find on the CPC exam itself.

Use this one wisely - it's amazing practice, so best to use it to familiarize yourself with the test format and save the remaining questions for later, or dive deep into it once you've already studied and are ready to test yourself.

The good news is - there's 234 questions in total here, with most of them being case coding questions - so there's no danger of running out of practice!

Best of luck with your Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Exam preparation!

As always, there's nothing tricky or new about the CPC. It's all question types you've seen before, with material you can study. As long as you put in the hours, you can succeed - and we know you will!

Wishing you the best of luck from those of us here at Medical Coding Ace.

And if you need additional resources, check out our:

Take care 'til next time, and –

Keep Coding!

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